Trying to land an offer at a big tech company? These YouTubers will help you


I've recently landed an offer I was really looking forward to (yay! 🎉)

The least I could do was to give some shoutouts to the YouTubers who made this possible.

System design

Jordan is the GOAT! Seriously.

He goes way beyond the "design Twitter's feed"-kind of questions. For more senior roles, the topics he covers are a must.

He also has a playlist of videos for more junior engineers.

In this video, he quickly talks about how timeseries databases are designed

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then ByByteGo's short animations are worth a million.

No need to read an article about bloom filters. This 5min-video is all you need to know

If you speedrun his videos at 2x speed, you can watch all his videos in a day or two.

In some big tech companies, the system design round isn't about drawing boxes -- it's about writing a doc. With that in mind, Irtiza's videos helped me shift my mental model for these interviews. In each video, he ends up with a Markdown file with all his discussions, basically.


No mystery here: Neetcode.

The dreaded dynamic programming questions

He solves Leetcode problems, which is all you'll need.


I've only ever watched one video from Jeff Su, but it made the whole difference for me:

Ever heard about the CARL method?

In this video, he covers an alternative to the famous STAR method. He describes why the CARL method is better, and after testing it out, I can confirm he was right.

Finally, Jeff Sipe's videos also were key for me to understand the importance of the subjective/subconcious parts of this round.

Don't say something was "difficult" -- say "challenging". This is the kind of tips Jeff gives


Hope this post was helpful!